Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 39 - Travel Day to Los Angeles Area

Well it's a travel day again. We are sorry to be leaving Buellton, CA. The Flying Flags RV Resort was very nice with all pull thrus, lots of grass and mature shade trees. But it is time to move, so we headed south on 101 again. The road to start was nice, many places lined with brilliant red bougainvillea. 

Often we could see the beach and ocean. Lots of ships and oil platforms. On the beach were parked RVs with people walking the beach. It would have been nice to stop and visit.

As we get closer to LA the road widens-often 5 lanes in each direction. I saw beautiful cars and ugly cars and mostly just cars, and cars, and cars. WOW, Calif has LOTS of cars. The road was clogged with cars! and they were not willing to give a RV any extra space to change lanes. Luckily, Virginia was following me to find the campground. I would turn on my turn signal, she would move into the lane and slow to give me room-Thank you, Virginia!!

We found the East Shore RV Resort-it is very nice. A large area with grass and trees-quite nice! The park soon began to fill up. I think the locals use this as their weekend entertainment. Pack up the family and TVs and come to the park.

We had our last pot luck dinner

Submitted by:  Tom and Catherine Gasser #7


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